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Adria Shipping Management


With a background in shipping and the full gambit of maritime consultancy, the ASM Ltd. has the experience and knowledge base to provide complete assistance in our full range of services as experienced ship chandler.

ASM Ltd. is here to participate and aid your company’s projects and operations teams’ understanding of all requirements and coordinate to ensure compliance with all milestones throughout the life of the project.  

Over the last two decades, ASM Ltd. team has steadily combined several highly skilled maritime professionals who share our values of excellence, reliability, and integrity.

ASM Ltd. makes sure your goods arrive at the right place and time in the most cost-efficient way whether it is very important safety equipment, crucial engine and spare parts components, cabin and deck stores, bonded stores, vessel provisions or products between your suppliers, your warehouses, and your customers.

We don’t just move goods; we problem solve complex time sensitive shipments.

Shipping with ASM Ltd. it’s easy and fast so you will just need your laptop or mobile.

Specify your shipping inquiry to us and we’ll provide you with prompt feedback.

Adria Shipping Management


The entire story of logistics process is delivering your customers what they want and when they want it while spending as little money as possible making it come true.

ASM Ltd.  is currently supporting the most exciting and rapidly changing sectors in the world, the oil & gas, and renewables industries.

Thanks to our tailor-made logistics services and on-time transportation network, your business will get a competitive head start.

Whether you are engaged in shipbuilding projects, vessel repair activities or operating FSRU terminal in Europe, you need a maritime services partner who can shoulder the load.

Contact our local ASM Ltd. representative to find out more about how we can support your logistics planning and movement of goods.

Adria Shipping Management

Our policies and guiding principles 

ASM’s seven Guiding Principles are the core for all employees:

Highest International standards

We maintain high standards and promote professional and ethical behaviour.

Believing the key to your success is our innovative approach

We provide strategically located office that works as extraordinary team to develop unique solutions for our customers.

Exceptional Staff and Expertise 

We have fun and work hard successfully.


Creating success together with passion and trust

We meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Better Communication

We understand that communication at a higher level than our industry benchmarks is the key to our success. We never promise what we can’t deliver.

Total Commitment

We act with integrity to deliver total commitment to customer service. We aim to be respected and recommended by building trust through the services we provide.

Socially Responsible

We adopt socially responsible practices to ensure we have a positive impact in countries in which we operate.