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Adria Shipping Management Ltd. (ASM Ltd.) is maritime Consultancy prescient specialised in Shipping and Logistics industry, focusing on consultancy and management.

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The Maritime Consulting Prescient

Adria Shipping Management Ltd. (ASM Ltd.) is maritime Consultancy prescient specialised in Shipping and Logistics industry, focusing on consultancy and management, efficiency-oriented to outcome and achieving success for our customers offering specific solutions to the oil and gas industry.

The Company is offering as well wide range of activities as procurement, operations, and ship chandler services.

As current consultants and associates of LNG CROATIA terminal (FSRU), Island Krk, Croatia – we are present in the liquefaction, transportation, and regasification of natural gas scene.

ASM Ltd.’s flexible and low-cost LNG based management solutions are designed to thrive in a low commodity price environment. 

We are local based company in our Office in Rijeka with international interest with selected team of independent experts in the respective professional areas: Managing Director and Board Member of international major company specialising in gas industry, as owner and operator of marine LNG infrastructure, vessel Master’s and Cargo Engineers, Accounting and Administration specialists, Procurement experts.

ISO certificate

20 Years of Experience

20 years of professional and business expertise with the maritime industry with best practices in gas sector, having held senior managing positions and LNG corporations in Europe and overseas.

ASM Ltd.’s professionals have a highly rated track record across the maritime sector, particularly in relation to prestigious LNG sector.

With a thorough know-how and demonstrated and proven experience in LNG industry, we can provide our business vision and our recognized expertise in this regard.

ASM Ltd.’s hands-on experience of the supply chain and logistics, warehousing, distribution, and transport; managed operations in various maritime projects; technology sector providing leading and innovative business intelligence solutions to LNG industry, a strategic consulting expertise.

As experienced professionals we are always seeking to enhance and strengthen our business development and commercial function.

ASM Ltd. responds globally

Regularly traveling from Rijeka Office to our customers to enable services with success as consultants making sure all your needs are fulfilled.

We are active as well in supporting projects and operations engaging with counterparties internationally in Europe.

ASM Ltd. responds globally, through its specialized team, during the whole process of consulting cooperation.

Our customized approach combines deep insight into the maritime dynamics of your company and with close collaboration at all levels.

We take seriously our paramount – ’safety first’ as our focus to underlying corporate values and environmental initiatives at ASM Ltd., we set high standards for ourselves and our partners across all areas of our business.

We are committed to:

Highest international standards.

Believing the key to your success is our innovative approach.

Adria Shipping Management

Creating success together with passion and trust.